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Ghostwriting Services are totally confidential.

If you are working on behalf of a client, rest assured, a ghostwriter is totally anonymous and we will never divulge that we have written in relation to your client.

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Ghostwriter is an expert in writing articles, sales copy and sales letter, for email offers or good old fashioned in on paper.


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Website SEO Ghostwriting

Professional website designers prefer internet marketing ghostwriters to add that extra oomph, the punch that is needed to make a website standout from competitors and get found quicker and higher at the top of search engines, SEO ghostwriting is important, indeed crucial for the successful promotion of web sites.

We're called Ghost Writers because we are unseen by the client. It makes sense for the website designer to deploy the skills of a copywriting SEO expert because it brings together two levels of expertise; artistic website design and creative powerful sales text.... being ghostwiters, we don't get the credit, the website designer does!

Peter Yexley Professional  SEO Gohostwriter

Webmasters use website ghostwiters to polish their own existing text, perhaps bring it up to date, add that extra clout and SEO. (Search Engine Optimization ).

Ghost writing SEO also rewrites the essential coding to assist in search engine rankings.

Whether you own a website or you are a website designer with the professional insight to use a ghostwriter in order that the web pages have expertly written text, you have found the right ghostwriter for the job.

Website copy with punch!

If your website is sleeping, with no energy and no fight to beat your competitors, it needs some oomph

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